Monday, January 10, 2011

Music Review

Taylor Swift -Speak Know
I don't know about you but I am a BIG fan of Taylor Swift so of course as soon as I was free I bought her new CD Speak Know what I love about Taylor Swift is that she writes with her hear being a high school student( but not for long) I could think of myself in the situation like her song "You Belong With Me" or "Crazier" from the Hannah Montana Movie( yes I saw the movie) Taylor is a great story teller and I love music can tell me a story and not give me a headache because there only one song said during the whole song(umm lady gaga) When I heard that all the song in Speak Know where written by Taylor I had to get my hand on it.
Track List :
Sparks fly
Speak Know
Back To December
The story of us
Never grow up
Better than revenge
lost Kiss
Long Live

My favorite songs on her album are
Speak Know
Back To December
I really enjoyed Speak Know I know that those 3 song were on repeat a lot thought Taylor is kind of old I hope she never grows up and keep writing about love life and everything in between I recommend this album for old a new fan of the young country girl.
5 Stars

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