Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Twitter Review

Twitter Review
Its Tuesday Everyone and I'm sure your asking what Twitter review is well I'm going to let you know it's a small quick review with 120 words. I know what you're thinking that's not a review. I'm probably going to end up with more words. But sometimes I feel like I'm spoiling the whole book and setting a limitation will help. Let's see how this works out
Twitter Review- My Soul To Save Rachel Vincent

My Soul To save opens up with Kaylee being confused about Nash and I don't blame the girl. During this whole book Kaylee is in battle with her heart and with her brain is saying . But more torment comes when Nash ex-girlfriend comes in the picture and as Kaylee figure out her feeling. Sabine just add fire to the already burning flames. But like with every Soul books you have a mystery, some of Kaylee teachers are dying mysteriously. Ms.Vincent does a great job with this book all the Fans of the Soul Screamers won't be disappointed. My soul to save had me reading thought the late night trying to guess how thing would end. Overall a quick read

Score 3 birds

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