Thursday, November 12, 2009

Here a quick update

Hi guys I still don't have Internet,I feel like i am missing a lot ;( but just to keep you guys updated

I am reading Devils Kiss and I am loving it

It's such a great book full a some really great twist

Up next I am reading Melissa De La Cruz Van Alen Legacy let me start off my saying I just started reading Blue Blood in the start of November and I read the whole series in a number of week I am really excited to start reading this one

New MOON comes out in 8 days I am so excited really excited of course you guys will have my review on what i though of the movie

taking about review I have finally learned how to get picture like they are above i really had no idea how to to that I want my review to be different that why i am working of fixing them up one I get that set Ill will have many reviews up also i have joined a arc tour so hopefully by mid December I'll get some 2010 arc so i can test my review methods. So I am excited about that I cant Wait to get this blog going and i know Ive been saying that for a Will its just with school and stuff its hard to keep up . Here are some books Ive read and a small 1-5 review (only one today but Ill have more tomorrow) :)

5-5 start I loved it

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