Sunday, July 26, 2009

Eyes Like Stars: Fairies and Demons Contest

There is a war coming... and the Dark will collide with the Light.

The authors of Prophecy of the Sisters and Eyes Like Stars are gathering their magical armies for a battle to end all battles.

Which side will prevail: the glittering, vicious rambunctiousness of the fairies, or the insidious malevolent evil of the demons?

How To Fight:
Show us your best fairy/demon warrior costume and weapons. Hint: the fairies would have armor-of-random-bits and probably fling pies, while demons... well... they would be fiercely Otherworldly and probably fling spears and sweep you away with their Fallen Angel wings.

Or gather your own armies and reenact the Famous Battle Of Black Forest Cake with Legos, or Barbies, or stuffed animals, or sock puppets...

Entries can be photo essays (up to five pictures with captions) or a video (up to two minutes.)

Send photos as attachments. Upload videos to YouTube and send us a link. Email all entries to

Contest is open to ages 13 and up (You'll need a parent or guardian to send in your entry if you're too young)


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