Monday, July 27, 2009

Hush Hush and Revies

Hey People!!!

Today will i was heading back home after a working with my Kindergarners I got a call from,Barbrafl over at and she was all excited and she told me she got a ARC of Hush Hush im the mail.Barbrafl know how excited i was about reading that book she she would share the book with i was really happy that i was going to read it Im really Really looking forward to reading that book

So I got Home took a small nap and when i woke up i went to check my mail and right outside my mail was a big packedge can you quess what was in that package ???

A arc of Hush Hush
I started yelling and screaming up and down as started reading right away And im still reading

So guess what i decided I should write a review but becuse i acually have no time to review sad*sigh*

So to make life easer im coming up with a new kind of way to review book just becuse I personally dont like reading review that are long this review will be fast and will give you enough insit on the book I hope (*_*)

More on Review In another post

Just a couple of thing that need to be fixed
Right know im taking a small break to watch 16 and pregnet Life After Labor becuse im still in high school I see many people my age have kid so its nice to see the insight on teen pregency Her a link is you wish to watch

And Im also maybe maybe i might to a contest put no in this sit in another blogger that me and Barbrafl are trying to set up

Know I go back to reading

Ps pleasse check pleave a contest if this might me somthing you would like or anything on this post


(back to reading Hush Hush)

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