Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We have a blog award

Can you believe that Denise Madness won a blog award?
I think I’m as surprise as you because this is such a big thing there were 15 Blogs chosen and my name is next to some of my favorite Blogs BIG anyway I’m suppose to share
7 things about me if you’re interested keep reading 

And the 7 things…

1. I am a high school Junior in Illinois suburbs girl I live near one of the fist McDonalds built
2. I’m a photography student for 3 years going into 4 my love though I’m still not sure if I will keep doing it in collage oh and I hate Photoshop I’m more of a traditional Photo Student
3. I’m a compulsive book buyer half the book in my shelf have not been read so sad
4. I’ve met the coolest of Authors Libba Bray Simone Elkeles Ellen Hopkins Melissa Marr Kelly Armstrong Kim Harrison Lisa Mcmann Ally Carter and hopefully will get to meet more
5.I love writing stories though my works are WISP (Work in slow progress ) I dream of getting Published
6. I want to travel the world if I can If I could right after High School I would pack my stuff and move to Japan Its my dream I love the culture I hope that one day I can go visit.
7. I love music can not live without it my life I listen to anything from miley cyrus to The killer owl city Lady Antebellum to snow patrol the Beatles anything!!!

Check out who else is in the list

Denise Madness

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