Friday, July 31, 2009

Rando, Random

Her are some Random Facts

Right Know Im reading
\My Soul To Take by Racxhel Vincent on page 54

I went to Borders and found some great book for less than 5 dollare

I bought
Haters (hardcover)
by Alisa Valdes Rodriguez for 1 dollare really 1

Secret Of MY Holloywood Life for 3 dollares (paperback)
P.S I already read this one and it was great

Goddes of the sea by P.C CAst (paperback)$4
pss I have been warned that has some mature seance


The Missing by Shloh Walker for $4 which sound really really good

ANd I also Finsished reading Hush HUsh

***** Five stares it was great please but it in your pre order list I promise you wont regret it

ANd SOme picture I took for the Lisa Schroede contest going on in her blog her

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