Monday, June 1, 2009


Win over 50 boooks all arc at the blog
her how to enter this book look all so good
So here's your chance to win. To earn yourselves some entries:+1 to +3 if you comment here (the range will depend on how non-generic your comment is. On a scale like this, it annoys me when I have 50 comments where everyone says the same thing)+2 if you start following me+3 if you are already following me (google readers count)+2 if you blog about this (up to 10 entries--must show link) or email at least 5 people about this giveaway and cc me a copy+2 if you referred anyone--they must provide your name+1 if you were referred+1 for a special category which if you think about it is not really that special. What do every blogger like...? (EDIT: lol nice guesses everyone but I meant comments. I plan to reward extra entries if you comment on other posts this month and the next)And! If you fill this survey out you can get anywhere from 3 to 7 extra entries! It is slightly general so you have a broader range of answers.1. What do you like about my blog?2. What do you hate?3. Where can I improve?4. Does my blog help you in any way?

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