Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hey all you blogger member so since schools almost over in a month I decided that it would be fun ( yes i said fun) to review book I honestly i never done it before and i just wanted to see what all blogger members thought What do you guy look for in review ???What dint you guy like????At the moment I have exactly 30 book check out and some are new and old I can post all 30 next time. I usually read really fast and i thought that before i owe my library like 1000 for overdue book i read theme by there due dates I'm not that organized and if i don't like them i wont read theme through I also just went to book store and bought new book that i wont get to reading any time soon:(So here are the books that are on the top of my reading list Love the one you're with Giffin, Emily.Nightfall Smith, L. J. (Lisa J.)The secret life of Prince Charming Caletti, Deb.The September sisters Cantor, Jillian.Bad girls don't die Alender, Katie.Just one wish And the once i bought from borders Dead Is So Last Year Marlene Perez Ghost Huntress the awakening Marley Gibson

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